Job Posting: 1/1/2017

Part-Time/Flex-Time Business Development Role

Job Summary:

Are you looking for a career in technology that you can work from home, talk to really great companies, and work the hours that are best for your schedule?  Do you have what it takes to find people and communicate with them on the phone and get paid well to do it?  If you have been searching for this type of opportunity, please read on!

White Rock Technologies is a firm that specializes in all things  We help organizations help their constituents, customers, stakeholders and others by being efficient with the digital tool box required to keep your CRM and related systems working so that all can serve to the other’s delight!  And, you will learn a lot!  And, you can become vital!!

We have strong confidence in our operational model and how well it helps companies with  We have a strong portfolio and credentials which help us to solve most any organization’s sales process execution issues.  We help large and small customers.  We have a set of services that we provide and we need to find more companies that are having some significant demands around so we can help them get past it and avoid the pitfall in the future.

This role will have advancement opportunities in the company too.  This is an incredible opportunity in a field where demand is growing. 

We have built a strategic sales plan to scale our services for more organizations.  We can serve organizations in the 48 contiguous states.     This position is a new position.  The role is a SOHO position.  You will need to provide a telephone and a reliable laptop with current operating system and a connection to the Internet. 

Responsibilities and Duties:

The role for White Rock Technologies will have login credentials to the White Rock Technologies instance. 

The BDR will contact prospective customers from the database and follow the prescribed sales process and playbook.  The SDR will record their activities according to the details of the calls and conversations with prospective customers.   

There is a weekly and monthly quota for number of calls, number of conversations, and number of meetings set for qualified prospects.  Commissions are paid for qualifying a customer and setting meetings that prospects attend.  

There is an on-boarding process that consists of training and guided coaching and selling.

The budgeted commissions earned for this role's first year are expected to be a minimum $30,000 for the first year with significant advancement opportunities.


Qualifications and skills:

The following is a list of qualifications and skills that would be awesome:

  • Trustworthy and credible 
  • Self-starter, disciplined, and acutely organized
  • Very conversational on the telephone
  • Courteous, good manners
  • Smart, driven, and want to be of service
  • Determined, steadfast, and tenacious
  • Be driven to make money in the most efficient means possible
  • Have an understanding of how business functions day to day
  • Know how to use the Internet inside and out
  • Experience in this role is a plus but not required
  • Have experience with or another CRM system
  • Have a good understanding of conducting a webex meeting

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter with reasons for interest along with a resume to