People called into ministry have a heart to serve God, their congregation, and the world – not to be weighed down by administrative tasks. And yet churches must keep up with a lot of data. From membership rosters, to weekly giving, to volunteer teams, there’s tons of paperwork to sort through and maintain.

Automating your systems can help prevent people and responsibilities from falling through the cracks. For example, your church could implement an automated process to follow up with visitors. Another example would be to create a streamlined process for volunteerism that allows you to pre-screen who to ask for help, provides online signup forms, and automates reminders with specifics. These kinds of efforts not only cut down on time wasters and personal errors, they help members and guests feel valued and connected.

While these are some traditional ways churches use CRM programs, times are rapidly changing, and the need for Salesforce or Hubspot in churches is significantly growing.

How Can a CRM Help My Church?

One of the most important things that a customer relations management (CRM) platform like or Hubspot can do for your church is to empower your church staff and church members. Having a strong CRM software for churches in place can help make it much easier for church leaders to think creatively and act innovatively, build community, and free up more time for ministry. 

Streamline giving using secure online payment platforms

A CRM can help you accept donations safely online, or even set up automated giving for those who prefer. With Accounting Seed, your church can also make filing taxes easier for both your church and your supporters. 

Strengthen your church community though emails, push notifications, and other personalized messages

A church is not a building, it’s a body of Believers, which is why staying connected outside the four walls is so important. By maintaining your church’s database with well documented notes on member and visitor activity, you can easily reach out to individuals with automated, personalized messages that make them feel appreciated and involved

Integrate data management on the Cloud

Your staff and volunteers can access and maintain data for things like online directories, volunteer lists, church-related events, personal needs or prayer requests, outreach ministries, and much more, and they can do it at any time, from anywhere. 

Measure engagement and outreach

For a church, measuring things like click rates and open rates are more than just numbers. They’re insights into how members of your congregation are doing, who may be searching, who may be interested in specific outreach ministries, and who may need some encouraging. 

How Can the Power of Us Program Help?

Both Salesforce and Hubspot are more than capable of handing the expanding modern-day challenges for churches. Through the Salesforce Power of Us program, eligible nonprofit organizations can receive 10 free subscriptions to Salesforce’s premium Sales and Service Cloud Enterprise Edition. They also offer a deep discount on additional subscriptions or programs.

Why does my church need help setting up a CRM?

While Salesforce and Hubspot can do all these things and more, setting up a CRM system yourself can be confusing, time consuming, and leaves you with inefficient results. Our team of Certified Salesforce Architects and Hubspot experts can maximize the benefits of these leading customer relations management programs so they fit your church’s specific needs. Contact us for a free consultation today.  

How Can a CRM Help Churches Adapt to COVID 19 and Social Distancing?

The COVID 19 pandemic has had a unique impact on many religious organizations. While some churches already had a strong online presence, others have had to scramble to find ways to stay in contact with their members. In the process, an exciting thing has happened. Churches have had to take the message of Christ outside their own four walls and broadcast it for the world to hear.

Having a CRM strategy in place for your church can help you maneuver through the technological challenges and opportunities social distancing is presenting to churches, but will help your church come out much stronger when this epic time has passed.

Let Us Help You Get Started!

Whether you are considering investing in a CRM, or need help customizing or maximizing your current Salesforce or Hubspot CRM for your organization’s specific needs, we at White Rock are here to help. Simply click the button to provide some basic information so we can determine the best place to begin for you, and someone from our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.