CRM for Healthcare

While the healthcare industry is ultimately about helping provide for patient needs, it’s also a business. As such, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other healthcare related firms have to treat their organizations like they would any business, staying up-to-date on the technology and resources that give them a competitive edge.

How can Salesforce help my healthcare organization strengthen its referral network?

For many healthcare specialists, having a strong, consistent referral network is key to gaining new business. Implementing a CRM to manage this referral network makes the process much easier and more profitable.

Help Optimize Referrals

Physician profiles, combined with business intelligence data, offer quick analysis and actionable tasks so you know who to target for referrals and how to maximize those efforts. You can also determine the best methods and times for marketing to specific physician offices or hospitals.

Provides clear visualization of your physician relations

Intuitive dashboards show month-to-month trends and liaison activity with different referring physicians. You can review responsiveness tracking and trending physicians in real time. You can identify where every specific referral comes from.

Improves efficiency

By keeping organized timelines and task assignment, you’re less likely to struggle with onboarding inefficiencies, in turn keeping your staff busy and improving you bottom line. Because salesforce can also be integrated with programs such as Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, and Google Maps, your team can optimize their time out in the field.

Increases referral loyalty

By automating personalized messages, such as a quick thank you email for each referral sent your way, helps referring physicians feel appreciated, and in turn, more likely to refer future patients your way.

How can a CRM help increase doctor referrals?

For hospitals and specialists, referrals play a huge role in patient growth. Using Salesforce as your healthcare CRM helps you increase your ability to target to important physicians and strengthen your referral network with them. Your team can easily set up a system to identify where specific referrals are coming from, as well as identify every touch point your team has had with the referring party. You can also identify which efforts are not working so you can adjust your marketing plan accordingly.

Why does my healthcare organization need help setting up a CRM?

While Salesforce and Hubspot can do all these things and more, setting up a CRM system yourself can be confusing, time consuming, and leaves you with inefficient results. Our team of Certified Salesforce Architects and Hubspot experts can maximize the benefits of these leading customer relations management programs so they fit your healthcare organization’s specific needs. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Why is reducing the amount of paperwork so important for the healthcare industry?

A 2017 study published in the Annals of Family Care found that on average, family practitioners spend about as much time inputting data into the EHR as they do actually seeing patients. Rather than reducing their caseload, doctors have had to increase the length of their days in order to fit in all the data entry required. As a result, physician burnout has significantly increased, and so has the costs that come with it. According to a 2019 study in the Annal of Internal Medicine, physician burnout costs the U.S. healthcare around $4.6 billion per year.

Implementing a healthcare CRM can dramatically reduce the amount of data input and paperwork required by doctors and their staff, especially when a CRM, like Salesforce, can be integrated with the EHR system. Being able to work more efficiently helps doctors and their staff become more productive and more satisfied in their jobs. Happier staff makes happier patients, which also leads to higher profits.

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