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Keys to Delivering Exceptional Innovative Service and Technical Expertise for our Customers

Customer Experience. Another buzzword? Maybe. We don’t think so. For us at White Rock Technologies, the challenge our customers share is how to secure a customer so that trust is not broken, that future sales will be inherent from that trust, and that a long-term trajectory of business and relationship is solidified with consistent service and product quality.
As the trusted expert to our customers using, the objective of a great customer experience requires us to meet five critical objectives so that their use of will, in fact, continuously provide their sales teams with a business and technical solution that drives the customer experience from the customer’s eyes.

Which leads to the first deliverable our customers have come to expect from us which is business empathy. When solving problems for our customers, not only do we need to be focused empathetically on how our customer perceives the problem to solve but we also must be acutely aware of how this resolution is perceived by their customers. We do this by taking the position of multiple job roles in our customer’s organization as if we are a new hire on day 1. We ask questions that start conversations to understand what experience is taking place now and where they want to go moving forward and how fast that change delta needs to be accomplished to keep the customer in the experience upper-right quadrant of engagement and quality.

The next requirement our customers have learned to expect from us is a sound methodology for gathering requirements. Our customers expect us to have concise, well-defined, and accurate scopes of work to properly solve for customer experience needs. Our objective is to create a solution in Salesforce that makes our customer’s various roles better focused on providing an evangelical-like experience for their customers and also to make delivering that experience practical by eliminating complexities in the workflow. We use a methodology that focuses on workflow by function/job role, determining the desired outcome/objective, and achieving this outcome/objective within a mutually agreed upon expected time frame with measurements along the way.

Having the ability to communicate effectively and consistently with our customers is where we demonstrate our business empathy and quality of requirement gathering. Not only is it critical that we have great written communication, but we separate ourselves from our competitors through our verbal communication. The confidence that we possess in our talent and experience is humbling knowing that all great solutions take research and hard work to deliver the right solution at the right time.

Probably the most important key to exceptional delivery of our solutions to customers is our ability to manage expectations and measure our performance against what we contract to provide. Our customers trust our expertise. They know that the timing of outcomes and results are critical to their customer’s experience. Their sales teams rely on our delivery of solutions to be on time, on budget, and to produce the outcome for their customer – a consistent service that is sustainable.

We speak Salesforce. We also speak business. We know how to integrate the two disciplines to add additional value to our customers which translates into a great customer experience for them and for their customers. We treat accounting and KPIs as the language of business. Using Salesforce to achieve the results expected by our customers is how we meet their expectations and keep their trust.

If your organization uses Salesforce and there is a need for consultative resources to help you improve your customer’s experience, please reach out to us. We would be honored to help.

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