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Now Live! Salesforce Summer ’17 Release

It’s the 53rd software release, or improvement, by Salesforce that went live today.  Salesforce has and will continue to outpace its competitors with their release strategy.  Salesforce performs 3 improvements annually now, in the summer, winter, and spring and named accordingly with the year.

With the Summer ’17 release, there is a significant move forward with the new interface, Lightning, and the artificial intelligence, Einstein.  Both developments have been in the works for several years but this release has moved them much deeper into functionality for organizations. 

Lightning was first introduced at DreamForce ’15 with quite a bang only to launch like a North Korean rocket test.  There has been little movement by most organizations to the Lightning platform since then but this release has made significant gains most notably in the Lightning App Builder.  The depth and breadth of the capabilities of Lightning are now realized because it enables development to a fairly clever level without coding.  The WYSIWYG-like experience for page design is intuitive and fast.  Lightning fast.

Einstein is an interesting AI tool as it relates to the Lead object.  With Einstein, organizations now get incredible insight and scoring on their leads without having to work through the layers with data scientists.  Einstein does this work now for the organization.  One caveat is in your current data structure within the Force platform.  There are some significant requirements to have the capacity to utilize the tool that must already exist in the Salesforce organization.  This will limit a lot of small organizations simply because of the lack of data volume.

There are some other related new features in this release that are worth noting as well.  The new Lightning for Gmail provides all the contextual records that are part of each email to be seen.  Coupled with Einstein, this provides a deeper analysis of lead readiness.  Another feature that is pretty cool is the Social Studio Einstein Vision.  This is part of the marketing cloud and provides your marketing team intelligence related to images that are shared on social networks.

With the Summer ’17 release, there are about 300 new features mostly centered around the advancement of Lightning and Einstein.  The release is very organized and well done.  We believe that this release is a true competitive advantage too. 

If you would like to discuss or learn more about the new Summer ’17 release, I invite you to call or email me to schedule some time. 

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