Project Solutions

As your customer facing systems like CRM, marketing platforms (Hubspot Marketing, Pardot, Marketing Cloud), websites, SEO, and accounting billing systems need to be further customized over time to meet new business requirements.  With WhiteRock support services, we handle many aspects for ongoing changes but large changes require some new customization or new integration to further the improvement cycles for your team.  This is where WhiteRock can really help because these changes require expertise to develop a design that is costs effective while meeting the new requirements.  

What are project solutions and how does WhiteRock implement them for our customers?

The journey for perfecting your customer’s experience is continuous.  As their needs change, your solution to deliver for them is impacted.  White Rock will help with your customer’s journey with you through our project solutions – always tailored to help you better the experience for your customer.

What constitutes a custom project solution?
  • You have incurred a new integration requirement
  • New products or services are driving a change in your business processes
  • There has been an acquisition
  • Growth requires your team to add new roles
Why are these projects necessary?
  • Keeping your business processes in sales and operations is critical for reporting and decision making
  • Costs increase when systems are not aligned as business requirements change
  • Opportunity costs will increase rapidly over time if not addressed
How do I recognize the need?
  • Reporting and decision making are hindered
  • Unorganized activity creates inefficiencies in delivery
  • Delivery to the customer is impacted
  • Customer complaints increase
  • Employee turnover is increasing
When should I consider a new project solution?
  • Leadership has recognized a problem
  • No viable options can be determined as a work around 
  • Customer retention is at risk
  • The cost of doing nothing is higher than solving the problem

Components of a Project Solution

While no project solution is the same to us, they all have the same ingredients as keys to a successful project.  Our team will work with you to:

  • Identify the key objectives
  • Understand the delivery time requirements
  • Learn the outcome requirements
  • Design the custom solution that is cost effective
  • Develop, test, and train according to our engineering methodoly