Search Engine Optimization

Salesforce and Hubspot provide you with a goldmine of data, which can be incredibly valuable for your SEO strategy. Your CRM and SEO can work together to draw more quality traffic to your website, and ultimately, lead to higher sales.

How can my CRM help my SEO strategy?

Your CRM can help with Reputation Management 

The term “reputation management” refers to influencing how people thing of your brand when they read about you online. More specifically, it’s about online reviews for your organization, which is a key part of SEO. Using Salesforce or Hubspot helps nurture and strengthen your customer relations, which means better reviews. Of course, better reviews can also lead to more sales.


Your CRM gives you insight into better web content

Not only does Google reward quality content, so do your customers. Salesforce helps you identify what your customers are interested in and what questions they would like to have answered. Using that information for your blog gives you content that not only helps your SEO, but also your customers.


Your CRM can help provide you with the right keywords
Keywords are the foundation of your website’s content marketing strategies, and Hubspot and Salesforce can tell you what potential customers are looking for. When taking notes, pay attention to the specific words they choose so you can implement them into your website.


Your CRM can measure how well your SEO strategy is working
Measuring SEO requires tracking data, and nothing tracks data better your CRM. Salesforce and Hubspot can give you insights into organic traffic growth and conversions, time spent on pages, top landing ages, external links, and much more.


Your CRM can help with social media efforts, which ultimately help SEO
When potential customers look for information on your organizations, social media sites like Facebook or Instagram is one of the first places they turn. With Salesforce social media integration tools, you can track all communications with contacts and watch their social media activity. Again, taking what you learn through social media data can help you better plan your SEO strategy.

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