CRM and Related Strategic System Assessment

Please fill out the assessment below. This information is highly confidential and your trust is highly valued.

Do you currently have a CRM System in place?

Are you currently considering implementing a CRM system?

Do your competitors have a CRM system in place?

Do you have a design plan in place or in progress for a CRM system?

What CRM systems have you reviewed/considered?

Do you have a timeframe for implementation of a CRM system?

What are your driving factors for considering moving to a CRM system?

Do you have Stakeholder Advocacy for a CRM Strategy and Implementation?

What CRM system are you currently using?

How long has your organization had the CRM system in place?

How many people use this CRM system?

Do you have a defined and managed sales process that can be measured?

What are your defined objectives to meet as a result of using your CRM system?

Do you have key performance metrics in place that get reported to leadership in your CRM system?

What benefits are your prospects and customers receiving as a result of your organization using your CRM system?

What benefits has your leadership team received from using your CRM system?

Do you have any concerns or performance issues related to your current CRM system?

Are your other systems integrated with your CRM system?

Do you track your sales team's customer/prospect activity?

What is your website’s purpose?

Is your website traffic measured?

Do you outsource your website management?

How often do you modify the information on your website?

Would you consider your website to be optimized for Google search?

From where do you capture your prospects for your product/service?

Does your marketing team, outsourced or on-staff, provide your sales team with prospects/leads or is your sales team responsible for this role?

How would your sales team describe the quality and volume of prospects/leads that they work to convert to opportunities?

What other systems do you have in place in your organization?

What accounting system do you use?

What systems are integrated with your accounting system?

What frustrations do you have related to real time reporting of your organization’s accounting information and financial performance?